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The London born brothers Ryan and Lee Margolis’ style walks a fine line between classic rock such as Queen and The Beatles, to more current artists like Foo Fighters and The Killers, with some Eagles and Steely Dan mixed in for good measure.  

The Brothers started playing music at an early age, Ryan teaching himself piano and any other instrument he could lay his hands on in-between school detentions, while Lee learnt to sing and perform while studying what he calls ‘the instructional video,’ of Queen live at Wembley 1986, to the point of wearing out the VHS.

After writing for years, they finally formed their original band ‘The Knights Of The Realm,’ in 2009 and recorded their debut album. That first album showed early signs of what the band would become, with its bold and impressive harmonies, nuanced arrangements and thoughtfully crafted songs. A few years and several band members later the band, now known as ‘The New Realm,’ had their first taste of real success, with their songs ‘Free,’ and ‘Incredible,’ enjoying radio play both in their native UK and across the world from the US to Japan. A string of highly successful gigs followed around Europe, along with a tour of Japan.

Now The New Realm are back with their new single, ‘New York,’ the follow up to ‘On The Run.’ 

‘New York,’ a introverted tribute to one of the bands favourite cities to perform, oozes class, with its opening atmospheric reminders of the city, jazz inspired chords and lyrics that seem almost reminiscent of days gone by in the Big Apple.

The Band will be back out on the road again in the coming months, and with an album to follow, The New Realm are one to look out for in 2019.

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